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Tree Removal in Palm Bay, FL

Once a tree starts to endanger public safety and becomes a liability, you can rely on our team at East Coast Arbor Pro to provide you with secure tree removal services. We can manage even the most difficult tree removal operations in Palm Bay, FL, and the surrounding areas thanks to our decades of experience, cutting-edge equipment, and dedication to safety. No matter the size or location, you can rely on us to remove any tree while causing the least amount of damage to your property. Use our online contact form or give us a call at (321) 917-9342 right away to get started.

Tree removal is a highly technical procedure that calls for substantial training, knowledge, and the appropriate tools. Doing the job on your own is highly risky and may result in serious injury or expensive property damage. Our team of professional arborists at East Coast Arbor Pro has the training, experience, and tools required to remove any size tree safely and effectively. We are completely licensed, bonded, and insured. No matter how complicated or difficult the project may be, you can rely on us to complete it properly. 

Tree Removal Services Palm Bay FL

Common Signs That Tell A Tree Has To Be Removed

While trees are typically a significant asset to any property, there are several situations where removing a tree is advisable. The following are a few of the most typical causes of tree removal:

Structurally Unstable Trees

Trees that are prone to falling over and pose a major risk to public safety, including those that are leaning, have noticeable cracks or voids in the trunk or have exposed roots. Dead branches, rot, and fungal development are additional indicators of a tree that is structurally unsound. These issues, if unattended to, will only get worse with time and may even become dangerous.

Storm-Damaged Trees

Trees are susceptible to severe damage from natural disasters such as violent storms, lightning strikes, and strong winds. Although pruning and trimming trees might lessen some harm, there are some situations where tree removal is the only viable option. A qualified arborist should assess any damaged trees on your property following a significant storm to decide whether they require removal.

Pest-Infested or Diseased Trees

The health of the other trees and plants on your property can be threatened by trees that are diseased or pest-infested. In some circumstances, fixing the issue can aid in the tree’s survival. However, if the tree is severely damaged, the only option might be to remove it so that the illness or infestation doesn’t have a chance to spread across your property.

Trees Getting Too Close to Power Lines

There is a significant safety risk when trees are allowed to grow too close to electrical wires. In addition to the danger of electrocution, downed power lines from tree limbs can start fires and result in significant property damage. Any trees that are close to electricity lines should be removed before they have a chance to cause issues in order to safeguard your property and the public.

Unwanted Trees

A tree on your property occasionally becomes an annoyance. A tree that sheds excessively or drops fruit or nuts in undesirable locations, for instance, can leave a mess that is challenging to clean up. Furthermore, trees that are too close to a house or shed might damage the roof, gutters, and foundation. The best line of action may be to have a tree removed if it is causing issues.

East Coast Arbor Pro Are The Experts You Can Trust For Tree Removal

East Coast Arbor Pro will help you if you have a tree that is broken, unstable, or simply in the way of a construction or landscaping project. We can swiftly and effectively remove any tree from your property without causing any harm to your property since we have the knowledge, tools, and personnel to do it. Contact us today at (321) 917-9342 to schedule a free consultation. We are one of the top-rated tree removal companies in Palm Bay, FL, that you can trust when it comes to providing quality expertise and good customer service.


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