A Case Demonstrating Proactive Tree Trimming To Protect a Local Primary School in Palm Bay, Florida

A Case Demonstrating Proactive Tree Trimming To Protect a Local Primary School in Palm Bay, Florida

by | Feb 2, 2024

School in Palm Bay, Florida

East Coast Arbor Pro heard from Nemours Children’s Primary Care, requesting tree trimming services in Palm Bay, Florida for several mature palms and oak trees lining the grounds. The palm trees appeared lush, while the impressive oaks featured wild, wide-stretching tree branches. Consequently, both species posed a threat to passing cars, pedestrians, and the client’s students during the upcoming hurricane season.

mature palm trees

These mature palms catch high winds without timely tree trimming in Palm Bay, Florida.

Oak Tree Trimming in Palm Bay, FL

  • Client profile: Nemours Children’s Primary Care
  • Location: Palm Bay, Florida – Brevard County
  • Type of service: Trimming multiple oaks and palms
  • Tree type: Oak and palm
  • Tree size(s): Average 40 feet tall and 30-inch diameters
  • Equipment: Spider lift, loader, two-man crew for faster cleanup 
  • Service frequency: One-time Project
  • Season: Winter trimming to prepare for June’s first hurricanes
  • Specific challenges: High-traffic areas, trees blocking visibility for vehicles, public safety from dying limbs potentially falling
  • Additional services: Total cleanup (no tree debris left on-site)  
  • Client preferences: Trim hanging branches, shape trees, remove risky limbs that could fall on cars or pedestrians below the trees
pruning equipment

East Coast Arbor Pro’s equipment properly pruning these oak trees to improve tree health.

Florida Tree Trimming Project in Palm Bay

Regular trimming tidies up the crown, whereas properly pruning a specimen addresses previous damage that may otherwise threaten healthy trees. These oaks and palms needed trimming, which proactively eliminated their problematic branches while improving their aesthetic appeal. In this case, the trimming served a greater purpose—hurricane preparedness.

Tree Trimming Service Obstacles in This Brevard County, FL, Case

With these daycare services, young children and their parents arrive five days a week. Florida’s gale-force winds easily send branches flying to damage buildings, cars, and anyone else in the way. So, while the oak and palm trees provided excellent shade and natural beauty, proper tree health wasn’t optional for the owner to avoid liability. 

Palm Bay Tree Trimming To Keep School in Session

The process began at the oak trees’ upper limbs with the spider lift and then moved to the palm trees’ bushy fronds. After getting the tree properly in safe shape, the team thinned out the branch density. A loader took the cut branches off and correctly disposed of them off-site.

clean palm tree

A tree trimming example in Palm Bay, Florida—a clean palm tree.

East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, Florida, provides services before and after the hurricane season. It’s an excellent time to hire professional tree services to protect these fine specimens and avoid the dangers of diy tree trimming.

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