East Coast Arbor Pro’s Sweetgum Tree Removal Project for a Worried Melbourne, FL, Homeowner

East Coast Arbor Pro’s Sweetgum Tree Removal Project for a Worried Melbourne, FL, Homeowner

by | Jun 17, 2024

A homeowner in Melbourne, Florida, recently contacted East Coast Arbor Pro to request a quick removal of a large sweetgum tree from their yard. The owner asked for stump grinding and site cleanup as part of the service. They wanted to open up space.

While sweetgum trees are among the most common hardwood species in the southeastern U.S., they are not often welcomed on a space-constrained residential lot. The gum’s roots grow close to the surface, frequently causing structural damage to driveways, sidewalks, and even building foundations. These trees also produce hard fruits that inundate smaller yards. 

Breaking Down This Recent Sweetgum Tree Removal Case in Melbourne, Florida

  • Client profile: Residential.
  • Location: Melbourne, Florida – Brevard County.
  • Type of service: Sweetgum tree removal.
  • Tree size: 30 feet tall.
  • Equipment: Spider lift, loader, 3-man crew for faster cleanup. 
  • Service frequency: One-time project.
  • Season: Spring
  • Tree type: Sweetgum
  • Additional services: Stump grinding and no debris left on the job site.  
  • Client preferences: The client requested that the team remove a large sweetgum to make more space available.


Sweet Gum Tree Removal

Sweet Gum Tree Removal


Assessing the Case: Safe Tree Removal in This Residential Yard in Melbourne, Florida

East Coast Arbor Pro began the sweetgum tree removal project by conducting an initial site inspection. The crew first assessed the tree, a 30-foot sweetgum. As the tree was close to the homeowner’s residence and fence, there were a few potential hazards. 

The subsequent preparation involved setting up essential equipment, including the Spider lift. The crew implemented proper safety measures to protect people and property. As they worked, they informed the homeowner about their progress and how the sweetgum tree cutting and removal was going.

Another Successful Sweetgum Tree Removal in Melbourne for This Florida Tree Care Service

East Coast Arbor Pro’s professional tree removal began by cutting and removing all the sweetgum’s lower branches and limbs due to the tree’s immense size. Once the tree was in pieces, the team set about grinding the stump below ground level, eliminating tree material as they went. The final step involved thorough cleanup, meeting the client’s request for a debris-free finished site.

The client confirmed the successful sweetgum tree removal service as East Coast Arbor Pro addressed questions and concerns. Those wondering what company provides “professional tree removal near me,” emergency tree removal, or tree trimming have a few options, like East Coast Arbor Pro. The Melbourne, FL, tree removal company is always ready to assist.


Sweet Gum Tree Removal

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