East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, Florida, on a Pine Tree Removal Project—Brevard County

East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, Florida, on a Pine Tree Removal Project—Brevard County

by | Apr 25, 2024

East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, FL, undertook a large pine tree removal recently, as the tree dominated the skyline right above the house. The residential client wanted to reclaim the space.


pine tree removal

The imposing pine tree needing careful removal


  • Client profile: Residential
  • Location: Palm Bay, Florida – Brevard County
  • Type of service: Pine tree removal
  • Tree size: Approximately 50 feet tall
  • Equipment: Spider lift, loader, three-man crew for job completion and faster cleanup.
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Tree type: Pine
  • Additional services: Stump grinding and total debris cleanup. 
  • Client preferences: Remove a large pine tree from the backyard for space.


pine tree removal

Whether it’s reaching the tops of pine trees or conducting Brevard County, FL, palm tree trimming, the right equipment makes things easy


pine tree removal

Neat, safe work and an efficient tree cleanup operation in Palm Bay


The Crew Completed Pine Tree Removal With Site Cleanup

This Brevard County client’s imposing 50-foot-tall pine tree hindered activities in their backyard. They wanted a trustworthy pine tree removal company with stump grinding and tree debris removal services to ensure a spotless cleanup in the yard.


pine tree removal

The pine tree cutting happens piece by piece for safety reasons


Professional Service Execution for the Pine Tree Disposal

Upon confirmation of the client’s needs, this experienced three-man crew set out with a spider lift and loader, which made it a breeze to reach the tree canopy safely. Regardless of the tree’s imposing height and trunk width, this approach swiftly removed the large branches and sections of the tree trunk.

With the bulk of the trunk gone, the team’s stump grinding services focused on eradicating all traces of the pine tree’s former position. By the end, the site was smooth and easily usable.

Solutions to Specific Challenges For This Pine Tree Removal Case Study

Firstly, the 50-feet tall tree meant a significant load of wood chips, branches, and leaves. The crew members cleared as they worked, ensuring they left no debris behind.

A second challenge was the fence line’s proximity. The dexterity of the spider lift crew was important. The experienced team ensured ample clearance, beginning with pine tree trimming in Palm Bay, FL, to whittle down the bulk of the branches.

A Blank Canvas For the Former Tree Owner

East Coast Arbor Pro showed efficiency in completing this job quickly despite the fence and the home’s proximity. The final job site was clean and the client fully satisfied with the pine tree removal in Palm Bay, FL.

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