A Swift Multiple Oak Tree Removal in Melbourne, FL, by East Coast Arbor Pro

A Swift Multiple Oak Tree Removal in Melbourne, FL, by East Coast Arbor Pro

by | May 28, 2024

Trees might lend a sense of serenity and natural beauty to your property, but they sometimes become more of a liability than an asset. East Coast Arbor Pro’s latest multiple oak tree removal job involved specimens that grew precariously close to the client’s home. They decided to nip those hazards in the bud for peace of mind and convenience.


a swift multiple oak tree removal in melbourne, fl

Specimen with branches overhanging the roof


Breaking Down an Oak Tree Trimming and Removal in Melbourne

  • Client profile: Residential
  • Location: Melbourne, FL
  • Type of service: Multiple Oak Tree Removal
  • Tree size: Approx. 30 feet tall
  • Equipment/Products used: Spider lift, loader, and a three-man crew for faster cleanup and job time
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Tree type: Oak
  • Additional services: Stump grinding, total job clean up, and no debris left on the ground on the job site
  • Client preferences: The client needed multiple large oak trees removed due to limbs hanging over their home and to create more yard space. 


a swift multiple oak tree removal in melbourne, fl

This insured oak removal service showcases efficient utilization of specialized vehicles


An Insured Oak Tree Removal in Melbourne Done Right

Even careful residential oak tree management can fall short when the specimens are particularly large or precariously positioned. East Coast Arbor Pro follows an efficient large oak tree removal approach, which starts with a detailed assessment of the oaks and the surrounding area. They navigated tight spaces with their spider lift to minimize impact on the client’s property. 

While one specialist carefully removed the branches, another methodically managed the ropes to guide the limbs safely down to the ground. This coordinated effort meant that each cut fell exactly where intended and prevented damage to the surrounding structure or landscape.

The Advantages of a Professional Oak Tree Land Clearing

What about the leftover unsightly stumps? Instead of leaving behind potentially hazardous and unattractive remnants, the East Coast Arbor Pro team ground down each stump to leave the yard smooth and ready for the client’s future landscaping plans. 

They also utilized the leftover material to create organic mulch for an eco-friendly oak disposal. Customers can use this product in their gardens, which adds nutrients back into the soil while providing a neat, finished look.

The final step of the multiple oak tree removal involved thorough cleanup. Property owners could immediately enjoy their refreshed outdoor space without lifting a finger, knowing that East Coast Arbor Pro has taken care of everything.


a swift multiple oak tree removal in melbourne, fl

Neat results with minimal ground disruption

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