Safe, Efficient, and Successful Live Oak Removal By East Coast Arbor Pro in Vero Beach, FL

Safe, Efficient, and Successful Live Oak Removal By East Coast Arbor Pro in Vero Beach, FL

by | Mar 30, 2024

The certified experts at East Coast Arbor Pro offer more than tree trimming in Vero Beach, FL. One client requested professional tree removal and stump grinding for a live oak tree that had roots invading their property and sidewalk.

The expert efforts of East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, FL, were able to protect the property from the roots of the live oak. While the tree was still alive and posed no threat to the property above ground, the mess of roots down below posed enough threat to the client’s property to justify live oak tree services and immediate removal.

before live oak removal

Before live oak removal


  • Client Profile: Residential
  • Location: Vero Beach, FL
  • Type of Service: Live oak removal, stump grinding
  • Tree Size: Approx. 30 feet tall
  • Equipment/Products Used: Loader, two-man crew for faster cleanup and job time
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Winter
  • Tree Type: Live Oak
  • Additional Services: Stump grinding, total job cleanup, no debris left on the ground on the job site.
  • Client Preferences: The client needed Live Oak removed due to surface roots beginning to lift the concrete driveway.
during live oak removal

During live oak removal


Indian River County, FL, Tree Removal: Expert Service at Work

A Florida resident in Indian River County requested expert live oak removal and stump grinding from East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, Florida. The live oak tree near their home had grown to such a size that the roots underneath threatened to dishevel the concrete driveway to their garage.

The team responded swiftly. After carefully inspecting the property and tree, they established a plan to safely remove the tree while keeping the property and everyone on it safe.

after live oak removal

After live oak removal


Stump Grinding Services and Precise Live Oak Tree Removal in Vero Beach, FL

Despite the massive size of the oak tree, the two-man team was able to easily handle it with the assistance of a loader. After removing the bulk of the tree, the East Coast Arbor Pro team began the live oak stump removal process using stump-grinding to ensure they thoroughly removed every part of the tree while stunting root growth.

By the end of the job, the team had not only removed the oak without incident but also cleaned the remaining debris, presenting the site clean and tree-limb-free. As a result, the client got their yard back and enjoyed a swift, efficient, and thorough service. It was as if the oak had never been there.

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