East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, FL, Delivers Immediate Oak Tree Removal Services for an Encroaching Tree

East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, FL, Delivers Immediate Oak Tree Removal Services for an Encroaching Tree

by | Apr 23, 2024

A homeowner needed a professional oak tree removal service to address a tree and its overhanging branches hoovering over the property’s driveway. East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, FL, wasted no time responding to their call. Using their knowledge of removing oak trees, their crew immediately got to work.


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Tree Removal and Oak Tree Trimming in Port Saint John, FL

  • Client Profile: Residential
  • Location: Palm Bay, FL
  • Type of Service: Oak tree removal
  • Tree Size: Approx. 30 feet tall
  • Equipment/Products Used: Spider lift, loader, three-man crew for faster cleanup and job time
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Tree Type: Oak
  • Additional Services: Stump grinding, total job cleanup, no debris left on the ground at job site
  • Client Preferences: The client needed a large oak tree removed because its limbs hung over the driveway. The client was worried the tree may fall during storm season and damage the property.


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Damage Prevention: A Client’s Plea to an Oak Tree Removal Company for Help

On the client’s property was a broad, 30-foot oak tree. With its limbs hanging over the client’s driveway, there were concerns about the branches impeding visibility in and out of the driveway. Yet the client’s primary worry was that the tree would fall onto the property during storm season, leading to damage and possible injuries.

Oak Tree Cutting in Action: The Professionals’ Approach


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Despite the tree’s tall stature, the three-man crew from East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, FL, handled the oak tree removal easily. After carefully evaluating the tree and understanding the potential dangers it poses, the crew strategically cut down the tree with the help of a spider lift and loader. 

The professionals at East Coast Arbor Pro always keep safety in mind, whether they’re providing Brevard County, FL, palm tree trimming or oak tree removal. As such, they used a stump grinder to completely remove the tree and did a total cleanup to leave the client’s yard safe and looking great.


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Successful Oak Tree Extraction by East Coast Arbor Pro in Palm Bay, FL

Residents needing oak tree removal and tree trimming in Palm Bay, FL, turn to East Coast Arbor Pro for a good reason. Their team took all precautions to remove the offending tree without damaging the client’s property. They also went above and beyond to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the client’s yard and driveway by quickly and efficiently cleaning up the wood and chips after grinding the tree’s stump.

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