How To Make a Tree Fall a Certain Way in Vero Beach, FL

Enjoying trees on your property is truly special, both for shade on the warmest Florida days and to boost your property’s curb appeal, regardless of the season. Trees are also a big responsibility, as age, disease, and overgrowth take a toll. If one needs to come down, you may even be contemplating how to make a tree fall a certain way before you realize the process can get tricky.

The first tip is to put the ax down and instead trust a professional tree removal contractor in Vero Beach, FL, to handle your tree removal. That’s the best way to ensure the safety of your family and protect the structural integrity of your home. Read on to learn more.

How To Tell Whether You Should Remove a Tree

There’s good news–most trees produce clear signs that something is amiss. 

If you’d like to see whether you have to make that tree removal call sooner rather than later, you’ll want to be on the lookout for the following signs:

Decaying Roots

Trees have an expansive root system under the soil that construction or landscaping can damage.  Root damage also happens with drought. Besides exposed roots looking brown and mushy, signs that your tree’s roots have a root rot problem are the following: 

  • Wilting leaves
  • Unexplained branch dieback
  • A thinning canopy

Visible Fungus or Rot 

Fungus grows quickly in hot and humid climates like Vero Beach. Untreated fungus leads to trunk decay. You may notice mushroom-like growths.

Symptoms of Tree Disease

Oak wilt, anthracnose, and Ganoderma are a few common tree diseases that can severely impact a tree. Often, branch dieback spreads. You may notice scorched leaves, too.

Proximity to Structures 

Even healthy trees might need removal if they are too close to buildings or ripping up a foundation. 

How To Fell Your Tree Safely 

Is it time for a tree to go? Don’t search for tips on how to make a tree fall a certain way just yet! Step one is to hire a professional because tree removal can be a dangerous business. 

Here’s how safe tree removal tends to go when a team of arborists shows up:

Assessing the Property and the Tree

During a typical tree removal, a property inspection happens first. Trees appear much larger from the ground. An assessment ensures the team understands the slopes, buildings, and landscaping in comparison to the size of the tree.

The team will also establish escape routes at this time. While professional tree contractors in the Vero Beach area, like East Coast Arbor Pro, know what they are doing, safety comes first. 

Making the Right Notch to Fell the Tree

For trees to fall safely, the arborist will cut tree trunks in a very precise way. A notch in the tree determines the direction it will fall, so this has to be perfect for the landscape, slope, and surroundings. Usually, the team will make the notch on the opposite side to the final cut and then watch the scene carefully every step of the way. 

Once the tree is on the ground, they cut up the trunk and large branches and take away the debris to leave your property clean. 

Professional Tree Removal Services in Vero Beach

So, the answer to how to make a tree fall a certain way is hiring a tree removal service professional to do things safely. If you’re in Vero Beach, Florida, try East Coast Arbor Pro’s trained and certified tree removal team. If you suspect a hazardous tree, don’t wait to contact us at (321) 917-9342 for a free estimate.

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