8 Tips on How to Keep Trees Healthy in Palm Bay, FL

Trees contribute significantly to making life comfortable. They provide shade and habitat for wildlife, increase property values, and even enhance the beauty of the surroundings. But to do all that, they need proper care and tree health maintenance.  

As the go-to contractor for trusted tree removal in Palm Bay, FL, the East Coast Arbor Pro crew knows how to keep trees healthy to ensure their longevity. Keep reading to learn how to implement strategies for healthy trees.  

Tips for Healthy Trees  

Tree care for optimal health involves regular maintenance practices and tips for tree vitality.  

1. Plant the Right Tree  

Choose plant species well adapted to your climate and specific space, light, and soil conditions at the site. Planting the right tree will ensure you enjoy your tree for years to come.   

Check with your local tree nursery or seek expert advice before planting to avoid choosing tree varieties that struggle to survive in your area.  

2. Remove Stakes Early  

Allowing your tree to sway in the wind helps it develop a stronger trunk and goes a long way toward promoting tree vigor. Once a tree can stand on its own, remove the stakes.  

3. Prune Properly  

Pruning removes overgrown, dead, and diseased branches from your trees. Use proper pruning techniques and prune at the right time to enhance your trees’ strength and structure. Hiring a certified arborist to do the job eliminates guesswork.  

4. Water Your Trees Properly  

All trees, regardless of age, need sufficient water to grow healthy and thrive. Frequent watering helps trees develop lush, green foliage. Remember to water deeply and let the soil partially dry before watering again.  

5. Fertilize When Needed  

Knowing how to keep trees healthy may include providing your trees with the right type of fertilizer. If your trees need fertilizer, use a soil test to guide you in choosing the right fertilizer for your trees.   

Young trees may need occasional fertilizing until they establish themselves but mature trees rarely need additional help.  

6. Mulch Around Your Trees  

Mulch conserves moisture, keeps the soil cool, reduces weeds, and improves soil texture. Apply about two to three inches of organic mulch under the tree’s canopy and replenish often.  

7. Control Pests and Diseases  

Pests like caterpillars and beetles can wreak havoc on your trees and weaken or damage them severely. While you can easily identify and treat some insects and diseases, others can prove challenging to detect and even harder to eliminate.  

Hire a certified arborist to inspect your trees and recommend the best treatment options. A seasoned expert can also provide tips on enhancing tree wellness.  

8. Protect Your Tree’s Roots and Trunks  

Accidentally hitting trees with lawnmowers or striking their trunks with weed eaters can damage a tree’s bark and trunk. This can weaken it and invite insects and disease.  

Similarly, never allow heavy equipment and cars to drive over tree root areas, as they can harm roots and weaken trees. Consider fencing your trees, especially young ones, to protect them while their root systems and trunks become established.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

Count on East Coast Arbor Pro to keep your trees beautiful and healthy. Our competent crew can handle any tree-related issue, big or small. As the one-stop shop for all your tree care needs, reach out for the following and more: 

  • Tree removal and stump grinding  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • 24-Hour emergency storm damage  
  • Certified arborist services  

Contact the East Coast Arbor Pro crew at (321) 917-9342 to request a free estimate for tree service or schedule a consultation with an ISA-certified arborist in Palm Bay, FL. Reach out for additional tips on how to keep trees healthy.

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