How to Remove an Established Tree the Right Way in Palm Bay, FL

Tree removal should always come as a last resort, but some circumstances make it necessary. If a tree outgrows its intended space or needs to make way for buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, you may have no option but to remove it.  

Similarly, you may resort to removal if the side of the tree facing your building shows signs of structural weakness. In this post, East Coast Arbor Pro, a top-rated company for tree removal in Palm Bay, FL, explores how to remove an established tree the right way.  

Can You Remove an Established Tree Safely?  

First, assess whether you have what it takes to remove a tree without professional help. Consider the following factors when weighing your options:  

The Size of the Trunk and Root Ball  

If the tree you plan to remove has a diameter larger than 12 inches, you should hire a professional arborist to remove it. The tree may have a deep, established root system that will make tree removal without doing some damage an uphill task. 

Soil Condition  

If you plan to remove a tree growing in compacted and infertile soil, the roots may struggle to grow and thrive once you remove them from the soil.  

Is the Tree Leaning?  

An established tree with a lean will probably present logistical challenges during removal. Removing such a tree yourself may cause potential property damage or injuries.  

Proximity to Utility Lines  

If the area where you plan on taking down the tree has utility lines or if the tree has a lean or broad base, contact your local utility company for advice before proceeding with your tree removal project.  

Proximity to Your Home or Other Buildings  

Removing an established tree growing within 20 feet of your home or other building requires professional intervention. Doing it yourself without specialized knowledge or equipment may compromise your building’s foundation or roofing structure.  

Based on the factors above, it’s clear that only an experienced tree removal expert will know how to remove an established tree the right way. However, if you still feel up to the challenge of removing an established tree yourself, a few tips should come in handy.  

Tree Removal Guidelines for Established Trees 

The following tips can help you remove an established tree without killing it:  

  • Assess the tree before moving it. Check that the tree is healthy. You don’t want to move a diseased or pest-infested tree.  
  • Age matters because older trees need more care than younger ones. If the tree is over three years old, consider hiring an arborist to do the job for you.  
  • Choose the right time to move the tree. Move it during its dormant stage to reduce shock.  
  • Prune the tree’s roots before removing the tree from the ground to minimize shock. Remember to add compost to the soil around the newly pruned roots to speed up their recovery.  
  • In case of an infested or diseased tree, ensure you dispose of it properly.  

Ultimately, you don’t want to remove an established tree yourself. Hire a professional to do the job right and enjoy much-needed peace of mind.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

When you need a dependable resource for high-quality tree care at reasonable prices, look to our competent East Coast Arbor Pro crew. We have extensive knowledge and plenty of experience in various aspects of tree care, including:  

  • Tree removal  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Stump grinding  
  • 24-hour emergency storm damage services  

Call East Coast Arbor Pro at (321) 917-9342 to request a free quote for tree services in Palm Bay, Florida, or nearby areas. Reach out for more tips on how to remove an established tree the right way or to learn about the critical tree removal cost factors to consider.  

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