Six Factors Determining Tree Removal Cost

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Trees come with countless benefits. However, nothing lasts forever, and several factors may necessitate tree removal. When the time comes for tree removal, it helps to seek estimates from tree removal experts.  

Whether you need to remove your tree for aesthetics or safety reasons, you want to know beforehand how much you can expect to pay. Have you ever wondered what affects the tree removal cost? Can you get an estimate over the phone?  

As top-rated providers of tree removal services in Palm Bay, FL, we know all about the factors that affect tree removal costs and why it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate tree removal cost estimate over the telephone.  

Keep reading for more information about the various factors that affect tree removal costs.  

1. Tree Size  

Larger trees with fatter, denser diameters cost more to remove than smaller ones with thinner trunks because they require more equipment and labor. A wood chipper or larger chainsaw required to remove a large tree can drive up the cost of the job.  

The tree’s height matters, as it will determine how much time and money the tree removal experts need to remove the tree.  

2. Tree Location  

Trees in urban locations with plenty of tree removal companies tend to cost much less to remove than those in rural areas. Fewer tree removal companies mean less competition and relatively higher prices.  

Additionally, different locations have varying labor costs, which ultimately affect the total tree removal cost.  

3. Tree Species  

Different tree species have varying characteristics that can impact the cost of tree removal. For example, the tree species affects the type of wood, the tree’s size and condition, and the potential for damage during the removal process.   

Unsurprisingly, hardwood trees grow larger and require more effort to cut and remove than softwood trees.  

4. Accessibility  

How easily the tree removal crew can access the tree also affects the tree removal cost. Most tree removal experts will determine the ease of accessibility at the site before providing a quote for the job.   

A prior site visit makes it easy for the company to create a solid plan on how to remove the tree safely. You may have to pay more for safety features required to remove trees close to power lines, buildings, roads, and other structures.  

5. Tree Condition  

Healthy and structurally sound trees often require less effort and cost less to remove than damaged or diseased trees. This is because removing a structurally compromised tree may prove more challenging and costly to remove safely.  

Tree removal can be complex and risky, so it’s crucial to hire an experienced tree removal company to assess the tree’s condition before removal.  

6. Tools and Equipment Used  

Different trees require varying tools and equipment for removal. Larger or damaged trees often need specialized tools and advanced safety equipment to remove them safely. Because of this, the cost of tree removal will go higher.  

Trees with extensive root systems may also require more time, effort, and equipment to remove, driving up the tree removal cost.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

At East Coast Arbor Pro Inc., we commit to giving our clients the best support. We take pride in offering affordable, high-quality tree care services, including:   

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • 24-Hour emergency storm damage  
  • Stump grinding  

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