Do You Need a Permit for Tree Removal in Palm Bay, FL?

There are many reasons you might need to remove a tree from your Palm Bay, FL property. The tree might have a disease or damage, for example, that’s put it in danger of falling and damaging your home. Or perhaps you want to remove a tree for a new landscaping project. 

Regardless of the reason, you may need a permit for tree removal. At East Coast Arbor Pro, we are tree removal experts in Palm Bay, FL, and ensure that every service complies with local rules and regulations. This guide will help you understand the requirements and what you need to know before cutting down trees on private property. 

The Basics of Brevard County Tree Removal Permits

If you need to cut down a tree on a single or two-family lot that’s smaller than one acre, you do not need a permit for tree removal. Homeowners have the right to remove trees from private property for any reason.

In some cases, a permit may not be necessary for the removal of trees from larger lots. The county allows property owners or contractors to cut down trees that present an imminent safety hazard with verbal authorization from the City Planner. When this happens, you need to seek written confirmation of the approval from the City Planner within seven business days. 

Palm Bay also allows landowners to remove certain invasive or pest tree species without tree removal permits. Some of these species include:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Chinaberry
  • Melaleuca 
  • Castor Bean
  • Brazilian Pepper
  • Australian Pine
  • Camphor Tree

A tree service or the City Planner’s office can help you identify invasive trees that don’t require a permit for removal. 

Trees Near Public Spaces 

Sometimes, trees on private property overhang public property, like sidewalks or roads. Tree branches can also interfere with utility lines. 

Homeowners are responsible for trimming trees to keep them from blocking the right-of-way on roads or sidewalks or causing problems with utilities. The city and Florida Light and Power have the right to trim tree branches on private property or remove trees if they create risk. 

How to Get a Permit for Tree Removal 

If you need to remove private trees from a piece of land larger than one acre, you need a permit from the Planning Director. The city requires a detailed site map identifying the trees slated for removal, as well as the reasons you want to cut them down. The application also requires details about plans to preserve other trees on the property.

The city reviews tree removal permit applications within seven business days. Permits are valid for up to six months. 

Replanting Trees 

In some cases, homeowners who acquire a permit for tree removal may need to replace the trees they remove. Local building codes require residential lots smaller than one acre to have at least four trees, two of which must be native species. Lots larger than one acre need at least six trees. 

Any time you remove a tree from your yard, even if you don’t need a permit, if you no longer have an adequate number of trees, you will have to plant new ones to comply with the local code. New trees must be at least six feet tall when planted. 

Call East Coast Tree Arbor Pro with All Your Tree Removal Questions 

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