Tree Trimming Technique: What Do Professionals Use?

tree trimming technique

Tree trimming may seem simple, but it’s a lot more complicated than it appears. When trimming trees, professionals use certain techniques to get the best results.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand tree trimming in Palm Bay, FL and the most common tree trimming technique professionals use to do the job.

Why Do You Need Professional Tree Pruning and Trimming from Arborists?

Using a professional tree trimming technique is crucial because it helps your trees stay healthy, beautiful, and strong. If you don’t prune trees, they can become weak and diseased, lean over due to heavy broken branches or dead branches, or fall over due to excessive weight. Your trees will then become a danger to other trees, passersby, and nearby property.

Finally, tree pruning prevents damage by snowstorms or heavy winds if you live in an area where snow falls in winter.

Six Tree Trimming Techniques the Professionals Use to Keep Trees Healthy

When professional arborists use a proper tree trimming technique on your trees, they’ll know what to do with each type of tree. They’ll know how much to cut off, where to cut it off, and how many times per year to do it.

Here are four common tree trimming techniques arborists use when performing tree care.

1. Raising the Crown

Raising the crown of a tree involves cutting off some of the canopy so that more sunlight can reach the lower branches. This tree trimming technique improves growth and health while reducing the risk of disease.

2. Thinning

Thinning involves cutting back branches to allow light and air circulation through to other parts of the tree. This procedure can prevent diseases from spreading or appearing in new areas. It also limits damage from storms or other causes.

3. Limbing Back

This tree trimming technique cuts off parts of an inner tree branch to let light into the tree’s canopy, helping it grow in size. The removed branches are usually those closest to the trunk (the branch collar) to avoid damaging more important branches higher up.

4. Lightening Up

In this tree pruning method, arborists cut some of the smaller lateral branches from the tree’s main trunk. This strategic cutting enables the tree to grow taller without becoming too heavy or leaning too much on other plants nearby.

5. Pruning Selectively

This corrective pruning technique removes certain parts of a tree’s growth near ground level. As a result, new growth will occur in areas where there was previously no growth.

6. Height Reduction

If your trees are growing too tall, you can use tree height reduction pruning techniques to keep them at a healthy height. This technique is most effective when you use it on recently planted trees that have yet to reach full maturity.

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